Kerja Keras Adalah energi kita- Krisis Energi

The energy crisis is the lack of supply of energy resources affect economic wrote. Energy crisis usually refers to the shortage of petroleum energy, electricity, or other natural resources. The energy crisis has a negative impact on the field eknomi, such as an increase in electricity costs, rising fuel prices and the impact on the price of basic commodities, hence PT.Pertamina have the slogan "kerja keras adalah energi kita"

Do not let our country energy crisis, akaibatnya terrible, we hope to cultivate in PT.Pertamina imaginable source of energy in our country dg baik.semoga slogan "kerja keras adalah energi kita" from pertamina able to bring our country free from the energy crisis.

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Kerja Keras Adalah Energi Kita - Macam2 Energi

Kerja Keras Adalah energi kita - There are various forms of energy, of which there is energy:
Kinetik Energy
Kinetic energy or energy of motion (can also be called kinetic energy) is energy possessed by an object caused the movement.

Energy Potential
Potential energy is energy that is caused by the relative position or configuration of objects in a physical system. Forms of energy has the potential to change the state of other objects in the vicinity, for example, the configuration or motion. A simple example of this energy is if someone work hard to bring a stone up a hill and put it in there, the stone will have gravitational potential energy. If we stretch a rubber band, we can say that the rubber band is getting elastic potential energy.

Various types of energy can be classified as potential energy. Every form of energy is associated with a particular type of force that works against a particular physical properties of matter (such as mass, charge, elasticity, temperature, etc.). Gravitational potential energy associated with the gravitational force acting on the mass of the object; elastic potential energy of elastic forces (electromagnetic force) are working against the elasticity of the object that changed shape; electrical potential energy by coulomb force; strong nuclear force or weak to work on an electrical charge on object; chemical potential energy, the chemical potential of an atomic or molecular configuration of the particular working towards an atomic or molecular structure of chemicals that make up the object; thermal potential energy with the electromagnetic force is related to the temperature of the object.

Internal energy
Internal energy is the kinetic energy associated with the movement of molecules, and the potential energy associated with rotation and vibration of electrical energy from the atoms in the molecule. Internal energy as energy is a state function which can be calculated in a system.
 "Kerja Keras Adalah Energi Kita"   

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Kerja Keras Adalah Energi Kita

Kerja Keras Adalah Energi Kita - Just surf in google, SEO contest information see the "kerja keras adalah energi kita", the contest kerja keras adalah energi kita held by PT.Pertamina, idly wrote follow-up contest, though knowing little chances to win , wrote a try you never know with hard work will show the energy that can push us succeed in the SEO contest "kerja keras adalah energi kita".

               Blog Contest : Kerja Keras Adalah Energi Kita

Well ... because the requirements of the contest article "kerjakeras adalah energi kita" that is about opinions or reviews of products from PT.Pertamina, so let's get started ...

PT.Pertamina succeeded in providing packages and gas stove, for the energy conversion process of kerosene to LPG.I often see mothers very long queue just to get a few liters of kerosene, while the mothers had to work hard to cook in the kitchen, still have to work hard petrol queue, that poor mothers were ... My mother also :-)

Now my mother does not need hard work to come in line, my mother can not concentrate to hard work in the kitchen so I can enjoy the cuisine of this :-) beloved mother of all thanks to the hard work of PT.Pertamina

My Neighbor, fried chicken vendors also benefit from "I'm using LPG has about one more year, compared with using gasoline is still cheaper LPG use, certainly bigger fortunately ..." My neighbor says

This kerosene conversion at the beginning when we started the country depends on petroleum energy, at that time the price of oil energy is the world's land is in the range of USD 50-60 per barrel in because of the energy crisis, our government decided to convert the energy of kerosene to LPG as a solution, while reducing pressure on the Budget (especially energy subsidies).

Kerja keras adalah energi kita : Why is there oil conversion?

Every year our government allocates funds approximately Rp.50 trillion in energy subsidies, including premuim fuel, diesel and kerosene, in this case subsidized kerosene biggest, every him this budget increased because of trends in world oil prices increased energy.
According pertamina calculations, the use of 1 liter of kerosene with LPG use 0:57.based on the economic price of kerosene and LPG, the subsidy given to the use of LPG will 0.57kg smaller subsidies than 1 liter of kerosene. Our government can save 15-20 trillion in energy subsidies fuel / year.

PT.Pertamina has worked hard to serve the energy needs of our country, the conversion programs we can see the success pertamina, at the beginning of the kerosene conversion program to LPG much criticism, but our government and pertamina are ready to work hard.

Maybe in my friends also feel the hard work of pertamina oil conversion program to LPG, in where I live now about 90% use LPG, at first many are complaining, but now feel the benefits.

Image conversion program Kerosene to LPG from PT.Pertamina propertied slogans:

Kerja Keras Adalah Energi Kita : The division of LPG package hard work PT.Pertamina

Kerja Keras Adalah Energi Kita : A worker was working hard

Kerja Keras Adalah Energi Kita : Dozens of cars ready to work hard to distribute LPG

Pertamina Blog Contest

Hopefully  with slogan of  kerja keras adalah energi kita ,PT.Pertamina growing for the better,  kerja keras adalah energi kita have proven ...Kerja Keras Adalah Energi Kita

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